Investigating a Phenomena of an Urban Form

  • Nicholas B. Rajkovick
  • Alison Kwok


Urban arcades are glass-covered passageways that connect two or more city streets, lined on both sides by shops. Arcades host a multitude of activities such as retail establishments, serve as passageways for pedestrians between streets, and provide protection from inclement weather. This paper presents the background research and preliminary findings of a study into urban arcades. This paper is divided into three sections: 1. A historical outline of the arcade, with examples of three existing arcades; 2. A presentation of recent research on the physical environment (sun, wind, light, temperature) in arcades; 3. A discussion of thermal comfort (ASHRAE Standard 55-1992) and its applicability to arcades. The objective of this project is to show that arcades promote a “thermal diversity” in the city, allow for easier incorporation of mixed-use functions under a single roof, and function as common, public space on private property.

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