Transportation + Street Trees:

Effect of the Urban Design Industry’s Roadside Landscape Improvement Standards on Driver and Pedestrian Performance

  • Jody Rosenblatt Naderi
  • Byoung-suk Kweon
  • Christopher D. Ellis
  • Enrique Serna


The purpose of the research is to examine the effect of industry standard urban design treatments for streetscaping of Main Streets on traffic accident rates and the pedestrian’s perception of accessibility and safety. Existing research (Rosenblatt, Bahar) has indicated that the use of roadside landscaping is reducing vehicular traffic accident rates both in terms of frequency and severity. This paper identifies the next research steps being developed at Texas A&M University which will create better understanding of the impact of specific streetscape design treatment on pedestrian safety and accessibility. These standards will be evaluated for the effect on bicycle, pedestrian and wheelchair performance within the treated corridors.

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