Clyfford Still Museum

The art and science of daylighting design

  • Mary Guzowski


This paper explores the immeasurable and measurable dimensions of daylighting design strategies, methods, and tools used by Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado. The author interviewed Brad Cloepfil and Chelsea Grassinger of Allied Works and Christopher Rush of Arup New York to assess design intentions, strategies, processes, and the diverse daylighting design methods and tools used to integrate the poetic and practical dimensions of daylighting design. The paper will consider three issues: I) daylight design intentions and program, 2) daylight strategies, and 3) daylight design processes, methods, and tools. The case study reveals the diverse processes and methods used by the design team to work back and forth between exploratory methods such as drawing, diagramming and physical study models; performance based analysis and calculations; and spatial and atmospheric renderings and visualizations. The Clyfford Still Museum reveals that the processes of discovery, experimentation, and serendipity are equally as important as is a rigorous analytical approach to the art and science of daylighting design.

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