Tensegrity Cushions

Formwork for Cast-in- Place Concrete Walls


  • Kristopher Palagi


This article presents a tensile, fabric formwork for casting structural concrete walls that utilizes a tensegrity space-frame system. Based on analytical and scaled physical modeling, a series of full-scale proof-of-concept concrete casts demonstrate the methods, techniques, and sequence of construction along with the variation and tolerances achieved. Presented as an alternative to current cast-in-place concrete construction techniques, the tensegrity formwork provides a base logic for novel and emergent behavior in the final form while demanding comparably minimal material, equipment, and labor skill-sets. Empirical testing of the proof-of-concept casts document three points of control: the formwork system's ability to maintain industry standard coverage of structural steel; an acceptable tolerance on the location of structural connections; and, a reliable formula for estimating concrete volume. Further development of the assembly will include the testing of structural connections along with embedding programmatic and environmental design responses.




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